His love is never ending

How I am overwhelmed by his love, time and time again.

You see, I have been on a roller coaster called life. As I have said before, “when I go quiet, I have been dealing with things”.

But all in all, his love keeps me.

It comforts me, it covers me, it does all and more, for me.

Recently I had to vote, and I wanted to cry, someone said the world is wanting the man, not the one god chooses and I keep thinking, how blind are those in the world.

The world is in for a shock, my mum always voted liberal, I am the same, but what it comes down to it is this, what do they do, not what they promise to do. It is like a gift, its not the biggest or the one wrapped the best, it’s the gift inside, you have to see, that truth, that reality.

In life your given a cross road, a choice to make, and it comes about, to decide your end.

Someone recently said about certain people saying, there is no hell. I came in with this, does it not say, “Jesus went and took the keys back from hell”, and when he says, “depart from me, for I never knew you” on judgement day, where the hell, do you think, they end up.

You see so many, have an experience with the father and then go off track, I said to the same person about my experience when I was young, this happened just after I heard my father’s voice, for the first time.

I was in that same paddock and I heard an Indian accent, which said this to me, “I will make you famous, if you give me your soul”, I quickly said, “NO”. Why, because I knew the value of what I had experienced, you hear people say to write a book, but who are you writing it for.

Your fame, your recognition, your finances?

To say, they know no child these days that would, say no to fame. But I found, the hell I lived in, I knew that when you get something wonderful, nothing compares, NOTHING.

So when I see young singers, I see sadness, they have so called friends, who are they really, if you had no money and really needed them, would they be there, with truth.

I often think, they would not, so instead of the world, I chose my father, because that choice as a child, that I made.

It is my most treasured possession, to nurture and grow…


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