Job done….

Thank you to anyone, who joined in prayer, but she had finished the mandate and has gone home.

I knew last year, but the human part of me, wanted a different outcome, but I will always settle on the fact, that I cannot stand in the fathers way.

I must accept those things, I cannot change. I had to tell those close to me, I knew and this is how I explained it.

Some might see me as, just Bronie. Well there is more to me than meets the eye.
What am I on about, well you might ask, I go back to when the doctor told my mother that he thought I was twins, wasn’t I a surprise.
And she use to say to me, “when God made you, he broke the mold” which I will take as a positive.
Because at these times, I feel like I’m split.
There is part of me that lives and activates in the spirit, that hears from the father, knows things and much more.
Then there is the other, the human side, the one that wants something different, but knows otherwise and must live in this world.
So, if at times you can’t work me out, this is why.
And if anyone thinks I have lost it, then we need to chat. Because this has been the case for a very long time, as if I am two in one.
But then again, his spirit is within me, so maybe that’s it…
Be blessed, much love to all

I do feel his part, him speaking, his wisdom and then I am back to being just me. But this in the future will be known by the world, in his time, at his request, I just need to do more to get ready…

Because, look out here I come.


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