How wonderful, he really is…

We forget, many times when we think of something, then forget it.

I always chat to him, my relationship is truly, my most precious posession.

I have to use spelt flour and the one brand is hard to get, so I asked, “Father I need more” and chatted to him about other things I was wanting.

Last week I was out, having to shop and making sure, I was open to a conversation with him.

Then I got, NQR, its our Not quiet right store, which is handy and fun, you never know what your going to find, so as I left Vinnies, and I got that msg. I went in, thinking logically, what am I hear for and turned the corner to go into the next isle, what is on the shelf, SPELT FLOUR in the brand I wanted, I shouted a whoo hoo and laughed, then went back a couple of days later and caramel milk bits for the biscuits I wanted to try and make, it was on the shelf $2 a 260g pkt.

I had to tell everyone who was looking at me, because I will not remain silent, when my father delivers. They might think I am nuts, loud or just hilarious, but I don’t care, I need them to know, when you ask, he delivers every time.

When I was in Vinne’s, my mum use to have these knifes, with bone handles. And I asked again, “Lord it would comfort me to find some, if you see fit to do so” and again, here they are sitting and waiting for me.

How wonderful is he, to think of me and know, its not me asking for a mansion or a fancy car, but little things, that can mean so much more.

Hes just gorgeous… isn’t he.


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