Hidden secrets

I was just watching a show called the missing children, it is about a place called Tuam in Ireland and this is my personal view.

Now, I don’t know about you, but something keeps rising within me, this is what is on the web below and one woman’s task of uncovering, 796 babies bodies dumped in a septic tank.

(The Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home that operated between 1925 and 1961 in the town of Tuam, County Galway, Ireland, was a maternity home for unmarried mothers and their children. The Home was run by the Bon Secours Sisters, a religious order of Catholic nuns, that also operated the Grove)

It also showed how records are showing missing information or alleged forgery, and what got me was the Irish Government sealing the documents for 30 years, what on earth, ooohhh I am getting angry.

It amazes me time and time again, how history shows, how man has screwed people religious beliefs and used it against them, instead of kindness, they enforced the worst on children and starved them, but stating they were trained nuns in nursing (xxxxxxxxxx).

Now, seeing that the state paid them to care for the children, priests signing death notices and NO ONE STOOD UP AND QUESTIONED ANYTHING. Trying to show how righteous they were and squeaky clean, but instead, so very dirty with blood.

I keep going back to judgement day, think of doing this, then facing the father, OMG I would not want to be them, for I believe, I know where they are now. And how dare they cover up, what are they trying to do, what secrets are hidden.

I pray by the blood of Jesus, this is exposed in the loudest courts on earth and that those children’s blood, that cries out, is satisfied with JUSTICE.

For the living who survived, treating them as though they have, no rights, still, “Justice will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, and this is where money, by billionaires should be used to speak up, loudly.

But again, justice, for all the money that was used unjustly, should be used to give these children’s DNA, a right and a blessed burial. And all those who are hiding behind walls (there was also a statement saying they buried bodies in walls), you cannot hide the truth from the father, he is jealous of those little children.

It really makes me sad, to think a church or a organisation is built on lies, deception, corruption, and not given light, well I call upon the light of my father, to be shined on this matter and those who took money, with blood on it, should pay for the work to be done, IF they are truly sorry.

Money talks and those with money can do significant good, it just takes, heart, honesty, integrity, and JUSTICE, plus continual lecturing and support of those victims to have JUSTICE SERVED.

A crime is a crime, whether you wear a black robe or not…


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