Recently the topic came up about Wills and how morbid the thinking can be.

But, I say it is your choice of where you want, what to go & I will not be conformed via elder abuse.

With me, currently speaking I don’t have a lot and plan to get rid of most things, and I said that I would not be leaving anything to my children. Because of what is going on, today of all days, as yesterday I felt good, with what I was wearing, the enemy tried to attack me today.

I have to stand alone and stand strong, because I am tired of being walked over. And I was brought up to stand on your word, its part of your character.

On my way home, I stopped off and grabbed a quick sundae, I needed something sweet to make me feel better.

Lord, I do not understand why… and you know my question. I need to remove the poverty off my life, you say if the thief be found he must RESTORE 7 FOLD, so Lord anytime would be good.


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