How do you get Cervical Cancer?

This is a post from my facebook page, this is when I realised, that God was real and he had me. It hit home, that my life was on the line, and he was the only way, this is before I surrendered my life to him, for he saved me and my daughter.

Let me share my very personal history, because if it saves a life, then it is worth it, for the safety of girls who read this and my daughter….

How do you get Cervical Cancer? And every female in my linage has had scares from it.

A male carrying the virus Human papillomavirus (HPV) is how, men need to make sure they clean, every crevice down stairs, ladies train your sons (I made sure, I hammered it into my son)…

Being absolutely transparent here, I lived in the world and out of 5 partners (I’m making a point as to why I am opening up), it only takes one, to transmit it.

To anyone and everyone, make sure you get checked, in my line, it has to be every year, because we are exceptional. My mothers hysterectomy, she died 3 times on the table.

And unless you test positive, to the cells, doctors will not tell you, that you have the virus, because unless they trace the reports, they are also uninformed – so trace your pap smear reports, your history will show any evidence of this virus.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, at 5 weeks I had a pap smear (told that the baby would be OK), this came back showing evidence, I was only a month or so pregnant and in having a biopsy, this came back, High Risk.

Yes the C word was spoken (this is something, I never told my mum at the time or anyone, I down played any questions, because I was not going to give this thing any power over me, I can be one stubborn mule when I make my mind up), I was told, it was no good having a baby, without a mum (at the time, I felt a wave of peace, and I held onto that).

So at 5 weeks old, after my daughters birth, I was in hospital having it burned off, via a laser, getting more biopsy’s taken.

I had doctors freaking out, but I was calm, because I knew, someone was in charge of my life and I really prayed, same when they expected me to loose my son at 3 months.

But that virus was still in there, so 2017 came around, and finally via a full hysterectomy, the threat was removed.

But because of my history, I still need to be vigilant.

Unless your informed, you can walk around oblivious and knowledge saves lives.

So regardless of any embarrassment that I may feel, or you may baulk at this overshare, this message MUST be shared.


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