I use to work under the assumption, fake it, till you make it.

And with confidence, if I thought about anything I wanted to do, I would feel the need to hide and act dumb. So the limelight would not flow in my direction, but as I grew older and got bolder. I found if I just went for it, then things got done, and its OK, but also, I was pushing myself towards, changing my need to hide.

In the last couple of days, I posted on what we call marketplace here, to sell my excess belongings. The lord said to do it, and it took a lot for me to do so.

In lock down I made many blankets, crocheting what I had tucked away. Some examples to explain myself, you see when I was younger, we had little, but what I was taught, was to use what you had, save every piece of material etc and my mum told me about Joseph’s coat of many colours, and that stuck in a good way. Because it is not about the coat and the cost, but the love it was made from.

And I cannot read a pattern, to save my life, go figure.

Wondered if I could make a round one & dadaaah
Colour adds happiness
I had heaps of balls, that were baby 4 ply, so I doubled it.

I don’t know if its the artist in me, or what it is, but if I see a colour I like and something inspires and fires up inside. I walk up and down with that ball of wool and wait for something else to match it. Tones, shades etc, work in my head and I see it finished, what it could be, and I do know if it doesn’t work, I unravel it and cannot sit still until its right.

It is like when I paint or draw, I pray first and as I question what I see, I hear “done”.

I have kept little scraps of material and made pin cushions, what I am trying to say is, putting this up for sale is like selling your art for the first time.

You expose your talent and gifts and when people appreciate it, confidence grows.

It is like this blog, I write mainly to my father, but also to me, to say, “hey your doing well, keep going”. You are worth the effort and you are capable, (dad said) very capable…

So cheers to all… whether your an excellent cleaner, mum etc, we all deserve a little boost.


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