Joy comes to those…

The other day, we were putting together a list, for our end of year BBQ, I put down salad.

Someone said, “ooh, what about your potato salad, its the only one, everyone wants here”.

That filled me with JOY, why?, because, I looked at something and made the effort to seek improvement, to make what I call, the Ultimate Potato Salad.

Many times when I make something, I use my secret ingredients, love and consciousness. The ingredients speak to you, if you let them.

What I mean is, most people see a landscape as they drive along, but I see colours, textures, how shades and tones work together. To really see, not only what is right in front of you, but what it is trying to show you.

I make and this is big for me to say, the best carrot cake, how did this happen. The thought of going out and having cake is a rare thing for me, seeing a sad piece of dry cake on offer in a cafe. It fires something in me, how stingy, to just put in 2 cups of grated carrots, and what is up with the icing. So, I got out all my recipe books and did my home work, I understand the reaction and science of each ingredient, how the effect of simple changes, can make a huge difference.

Thinking about how the living word is our recipe to follow, and knowing my allergies, I found the key, then the icing, I put it on, left it in the fridge and cut the next day, well, something magic happens, it is no longer just a cake, it becomes desert like.

It is like mulling on the word, give it time, it will improve, it will show you the way and give you something so unexpected.

Be conscious, and see what the father has to show you…


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