I pray for his chosen people

On the news lately a certain country, it has been about a certain Tennis player, who said someone in authority, harmed her, now she has seemed to have disappeared. And why did they try to show someone else, who you could tell was not her. Do they think we are fooled, or waiting for our response.

I was talking to a girl who was from this country once, and how would she describe the men.

I got narcissist, selfish, ignorant, tantrum throwing man child, what she meant was, if they do not get there own way, and in the conversation they put out a threat, to make you do what they want. They will use force, intimidation etc, when they throw a man fit.

Now, I know that not all people think the same, but trying to control people on mass and lying to them, to do so, is very wrong, but only the father, can step in here & other countries banning together, to say hey, wait a minute, we find this unacceptable.

When they put limitations on our exports, all I could think was, are they trying to starve their people. Who are they really harming here, what is this senseless need for power. Is it like Hitler and they only have one testicle, that affects their brain.

Regardless of their so called “mental training camps”, for those rising up, standing for freedom, against this senseless power grab. It does not matter the amount of nuclear power you may display. The father ultimately will see you, when it comes to your time of judgement.

And then I hear, nuclear water storage is full and they will start dumping it in the ocean. Here, we have lobster shows and the fisherman said, that they are seeing more and more malformed fish, every time they go out. What I saw was, do they think, the ocean will clean it up, the ocean is not a toilet, the water moves around the globe, via currents. I would ask them this, if they enjoy eating sea food, then why pollute it.

It is just ignorance, and sheer stubbornness, to not think of others in a kind way, it not thinking like Jesus. The stories of the bible and evidence of him being here, is not some fictional story, its fact.

So, for those people, whom seek the truth about the Lord, I pray for you, fear not, for he is always with you and when you don’t see his footsteps, he is carrying you.


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