Oy, its cold & I’ve been thinking again

Last night, it was cold.

What is wrong with that, its Summer in Australia and normally sitting around late 20’s early 30’s and very warm.

But, I was rolling around trying to find the warm spot. Should have nicked the cats blanket instead, lol.

I know many would like it to be warmer, but when you live in a place, when every drop of water is precious, you would understand.

I love the fact, I did ask for La Nina, but did not realise the cold. I thank the father for allowing it to come back here and fill out dams and water the land.

Now, back to thinking. Watching American house & renovation shows, something I do not understand, drain pipes, they run from the spouting to the lawn or close to the house. Termites love damp ground, so why with such an investment, why would you do this, when you pay for services. Here, we run underground to the street, down the gutter and then into storm water drains.

I do not get many things, houses here take force to knock down here, on those shows they just crumble, how is that an investment.

What I am getting at is, cost cutting, you cannot cost cut, your time with the father, you cannot shorten his run off, you must build appropriately, to build strong. So when I see the natural, I wonder about those peoples lives, do they understand, understand you cannot put fancy tiles and think you have upgraded, you have gotta build right.

I know I use something practical to show what I mean, but it makes sense. Time and time again, the world is an example of what not to do, you just gotta see the msg & understand the significance.


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