Every time, how thrilling

It still totally surprises me when, what I am posting and my meaning is being said, out of the mouth of someone, whom I consider close to the Lord.

On Monday, when I went out and had lunch for the Prayer meeting breakup, I felt strongly to wear a necklace that read Faith. Some of the girls asked what it said, and I told them, “even George Michael said, you gotta have faith, faith, faith”.

Faith I always say good morning too, along with all the rest, those I can think of anyway.

And then, what the spirit told us Tuesday, Believe the living word.

If you weren’t me, then you would think nothing of this, but the revelation, that right now, things are happening, how thrilling.

Faith is belief in action, I know things are happening, the enemy is not happy, guess what, the more he grumbles, the more I shout for JOY… lol


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