If you make a noise..

Last night I watched part two of the Spice girls, and I saw something that I did not like.

If you stand for the truth, your seen as trouble or a (B), but the male always seems to walk away, clean as a whistle. When his actions should be confronted and shown as an insult to men.

And as a mum, everything ended up being my fault in one form or another. I will own my failures, but I will not be singled out, my children have TWO parents, not just me.

When I was young, I was abused, mentally & physically, I was also a child of an abuser (no pity required here), I grew up not seeing one man, with any moral fibre or honour, until I saw it with my own eyes, the first time.

You see, I realised there are a lot of men, but few are a man, amongst men.

As a girl, I had no rights, I would have been dragged through the wringer, if I brought justice in, even though I was the victim. So, all those whom had harmed me, got away with it, but my father knows, he also knows, I have stepped from that threshold.

I am no longer their victim, but I am my fathers VICTOR.

Yes, there are women, who use, and lie to act like they are a victim, only to cause harm for others. The harm is, when we really need to be believed, and seen, but also supported and justified.

We are strong, we give birth, we make a house a home, we are awesome when we are allowed to fly.

I am woman hear me roar….


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