Chewing on his living word

As you may have read, yesterday I posted a word, straight from him.

And, since then I have been mulling it over, meditating on it, because his word is like a pop up book, there is always more, if your willing to dig deep and be open to receive.

Since finding my place in him, certain information has been set inside me. And this is the latest, most wonderful word to have.

Because, you read the word, you mull over it and you get it and live the living word. When I had my needles, out loud, I stood on his word, I took hold and believed it beyond any doubt, regardless of whom I was with.

Take no thought for tomorrow, he feeds the birds and its true, for this, I also stood on and he delivered, literally.

When I chose him over a family member, I asked what is wrong with them (this need for total control), he opened the bible and it read something like, when their demon is cast out, unless they continue, 7 more even worse come and reside, that was frightening to read at the time, but I saw it in them and I was sad for them, but I still pray.

Many, many times, his word has been my greatest blessing, my greatest comfort and my greatest strength. Having him as not only my dad, but my friend and knowing what I have cannot be bought but treasured, is precious to me, relationship.

I had to trust him with my life and my children, regardless of what I see them do. I will not allow, them to be used against me, to move me away from where I am and no result from the doctor can cause any fear, for I will be and am, the exception to the rule.

My choice may seem excessive to them, I have not changed, but how I will be treated, HAS. I choose to go to church and read the bible, I choose to link in, I am not a nut case, but I am where I am suppose to be. I love them very much and I do not see any change in me other than becoming better, all I have done is stand my ground.

Being nice is acceptable, being a strong woman is not, I thought we had grown more than this. My path was set long ago, and all I have done is accept, that I have a mandate, don’t know what it is, but willing to accept it.

I just felt like a soldier in an army, being handed my orders…. yeehaa


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