Be happy…

Many times you read on how to get happy, either by loosing weight or having work done, or a big holiday or having it all, really.

Can you look in the mirror and just be happy, you see over time we change, yes the wrinkles start the skin changes, you produce children and your body shows it, either externally or internally.

I am not suppose to look the way the world stipulates, but I am happy being me. I can look in the mirror and really see myself and smile.

It is something we all need in our lives, to see his reflection in us, and be happy. No amount of starving, no amount of exercise, no amount of surgery will do, that is the worlds illusion and yes if its for your health then maybe a change is applicable.

But being happy and knowing that if your not so perfect, he still loves you, he still cares and he will always be there for YOU, especially if you do your part.

I always just wanted to be well, I cannot turn the clock back and I don’t want too. I do not conform to anyone but my dad and that is where my happiness lies.

So, if you see me and see faults, maybe your mirror should change, just maybe.

But above all, be happy


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