A little love

I was about to go for the evening and I felt the words, a little love goes a long way.

I was talking to someone yesterday and I said, what I believe are wise words, because the truth has to be said.

Sometimes we hide words, because it hurts us, or letting it out, is not right.

Who said, I don’t know who made the rules many go by, but I remove my emotion and as I told them, I will be dead honest.

I cannot help, if I hold back and its in my DNA, to follow the law of my father. Yes I cried when I shared, my deepest truth, but I had too and with that my angel was my witness.

His love, the love that has guided me to here today is building a boldness, a strength and a truth, that I will not be afraid.

I will stand for the righteous law of my father, who died for me and with that, whatever it takes. Many run from danger, I learned to run towards it, and he knows, my fear is not doing enough and facing him, when its my time for judgement.


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