Shout for joy…

What a week of blessings, asked on Sunday for the Lord to help me, needed my hair cut desperately. Money tighter than a fish’s butt.

Monday, someone made me an appointment and paid for it, hair cut.

Wednesday, kept praying, asking for my spelt flour in the brand required, so I can do lots of things with, in shop $2 instead of $4.99, so I bought many.

Thursday, I need my car sorted, emailed the court house, where its being handled and I was told insurance was contacted, car assessed today and will be fixed. My car scraped, they left the scene, then he was found and charged, the police took over and took him to court for me.

Its Friday, raining and raining so much, but I feel so much joy, I keep telling everyone.

YEEEHAAA glory to the father, Lord Jesus…


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