Its nice to hear you say

Yesterday my neighbour got a delivery of mulch, I know her as she has been there since the day they built the homes, off and on over the many years.

So, I saw her trying to shovel each bit, onto her garden and offered her a big bucket.

We got to chatting and she said, later as I completed putting out my garbage bin.

“Thank you for your offer of help, you are so nice”.

That little thank you, made me feel really appreciated and thankfully she understands the issues, with a trespasser and keeps a look out and then will call the police.

I work under this, because when I first moved here, someone wanted keys to my house, encase of emergency, then came in without asking and I caught them, as they were swapping my mattress for theirs, so my landlords changed the locks when I found evidence of stolen property, which the police had been notified of.

You have no right, you ignorant twat, I am grateful that my neighbours know me and look out for me. And I am also grateful that over the many years, many have said to me, how much they like me and not someone else they know. Its not about who is better, but to me, its just them seeing that I do not go by airs and graces, but honesty and integrity.

And, all I did yesterday was see, help required and knew I had the tools, human kindness needs to go along way in my book.

Going by his words, that by grace you will… and by his grace he sees.


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