Remember ME…

I was watching the show again, Expedition Unknown and it was about the details of finding the Dead Sea Scrolls in caves.

Have you seen your scroll, once I was given mine, cannot read the text because it is not in English.

But one day, I believe I will know, I have seen my name written in his book, so why not, his words for me.

One part of the written text, written at the time around when Jesus was here, was the 10 commandments.

The one thing that was different, was remember the Sabbath.

What I got was, all last week remember, remember me, remember the things I have done for you, remember my words, on the seventh day he then rested, so rest little one and trust his love for you.

So, I took it on board and started to remember, to thank him and it was a bad week, the enemy is trying his best to stop me again. I was tired and so fed up, on my worst day, I made a decision to CHOOSE.

Choose what exactly, choose the father, over everything else, choose to give him my tithe, show him you mean business, show him that I know that to receive, he wants us to freely give. Give up something, to show him, you want him, more than, that of the world, what ever it is in your life holding you back.

His street has two lanes, two lanes for you to give unto him and for him to pass to you, for it says, time, tithe, task. Never forget this, never forget what he has done, for you to live, to thrive. Never take this for granted, never give up, never give in, keep on HIS path.

It has been told that for each one of us, there are 170,000 angels watching us (reporting back to him), you know when I am awake, I am very aware that I am being watched. I know I have said it to those I know, but I think they never really believed me, until someone else said it to them.

You see many only try and show their best side, but he sees all of it, from before you were in your mothers womb, to eternity. So why try and hide, if it is hard to be good, then what has hold of you, to do bad.

Think about it, his love is suppose to flow, from within you, Holy Spirit let it flow


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