I know what I have been learning is vast, I know sometimes, I cannot explain what I see or experience. I also know, that some of it, it is not the right time to share, as others journey is not where I am.

But, wow, my experiences are shocking and wonderful and frightening and its hard to breath etc etc etc.

There is something I have done for a very long time, its have a relationship of acknowledgement with angels.

What am I on about, once I put down my very first experience hearing the fathers audible voice, from that day, angels that had been assigned to me, where in my consciousness.

Being alert is not it, it is another level, taking in, not only where you are in the world, but beyond it, his space. For there is no measure to it, once I remember I was coming home from church and had a conversation with the Spirit of Wisdom, then I knew she was sitting in the car next to me.

I have spoken to them, when I felt alone, all of a sudden I was squished in the car, it was full of angels. Many times when I just say, Hi and start speaking, I feel there presence.

This is not some sort of off the wall nut writing this, but a fathers daughter, more engaged with his world at times, than the one I live in.

I love it when they make me laugh, I love it when they answer a question, or show me something that is only between me and my father. I love it when I am out, because they are all with me, I am NEVER ALONE and never will be again. I love it when they think of me, a family not chosen by the worlds rule, but my fathers.

For the world is not right, he is, I love the way I get car parks where I need them. How I get blessed, it is all connect to the father.

But like everything we forget to engage, because like a restaurant kitchen, we only recognise the chef, but without the sous chef, even down to the dish washer. Nothing would work without the other, it is up to you, whether you want to recognise the whole kitchen or have tunnel vision and miss the rest.

You can have a wow, or just chug along in slow motion, you choose to be conscious and active. Or dull and silent… it makes sense when you see it.

Like a forest, why is it important, it is not the whole that is, but that single tree and all the life it supports. That is where it starts…


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