Your never alone

Many times I am asked, do you have anyone…

How can a woman like me answer that honestly.

I am never alone, he is always with me, I feel his presence and comfort.

He is like a person married on earth, till death, but we still will not part.

So, if you feel lonely, call on him, ask him to be your friend and comfort.

Once I asked for a hug, I was in bed and just needed a hug. I felt arms surround me and I slept so soundly and woke feeling like I slept for a minute or two.

Amazing, you can have this too, just ask him, talk to him. He will be waiting, just as the angel you have been assigned since birth, acknowledge them and see what happens.

Each moment is awesome, each step when you believe is undeniable.

Remember, lies are just that, an illusion of power….


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