How blessing come when you believe

I sit and talk to him, then spirits of God and ask about things, I would like.

When they turn up, I laugh, I laugh because no one knows what I have asked for, but me.

And it happens within a week or two, I use to say to many, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”.

It sounds simple right, but like presents, mothers day. My two are out in the world and I will stand by my father, no matter what. But I asked, I wanted something personal, I wanted something touching to my heart etc etc.

We’ll guess what I received, exactly what I asked for, you see it is not about you. But your relationship with him, many times I hear people in the world complain about what they got, and for a woman to receive an iron for a present (what do men think is OK, but really not).

I had an idea many many years ago, I will write a list, 10 things, list the price and where to get them from say $10 to the most expensive, and all details especially if it relates to size etc and then put it on the fridge for you to choose.

But, lets go back to my point, how special would you feel, I am humbled, I feel so very special. For he thought of me, he heard me and he got someone to bless me… he knew and how wonderful to not only hear him, but to be part of his service.

Many times when I have been prompted to get something for someone, the blessing of that, is just as wonderful as receiving.

I know when I ask, I get what he knows I am ready for, and with that knowledge I am eternally grateful.


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