History repeats

I watched show that said all family members connected to Adolf Hitler, made a pact to never have children.

Now, I watch, not only things close to me, but history and I see patterns.

It takes one person, who can be remembered for an unimaginable blight on history. When watching the program, it showed he wanted to remove all Jews, but his family DNA showed he was part Jew, so this would have been important information at the time.

You see what I am getting at is, one person who put fear and hype around an illusion, and is one of the worst points of the earths history. This, we are reminded of, many times and when nations try this, we all watch, because we see the pattern of history, being retold in another version.

But what about our history of Christ, Mary said, “let it be done unto me” a woman chosen to birth the son of God. She surrendered her will, she trusted in her belief and took all the persecution, to bring him forth. They have found the blood of Christ and found it still lives, scientific proof of him.

So why is history silent on this matter, I believe if he was shown as the awesome being he was and is. Our worldly history would change for the better, when you have seen evidence in your life, and nothing else can prove otherwise, you know.

When you hear the audible voice, you cannot deny, this overrides any fear tried on you from any source even family.

There is only your history, I saw once and heard, my name will be written in the pages of history. Now I do not get a big head, for I do not know what will come, but I surrender my all, to do what HE instructs. He has a mandate and that I will find out, he has a plan, he knows when push comes to shove, I will push will all my might.

I am glad I grew up in fear, because it holds no value or threat in my life. I know the enemy read my pages, before he was cast out of heaven, and he’s scared, but I am the daughter of the living one and only.

My father is in charge and he builds a mighty group of people, when you think about it. There is nothing to fear, for if your life ends, he will not allow you to feel any pain. I think of the three men, and the fire did not touch them, when those in charge tried to burn them, signs and wonders have come before.

It reminds me of the three, past-present-future, his evidence is past, his present is in me and the miracles and evidence I see, and the future, I TRUST…


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