Making a choice..the only one I have to make…..

Many times a day you have to make a choice about something, or you just go along in a comma.

But I choose to make a difference, when opportunity arises, to choose and think what would he do, he would not just lie down and let those run over him.

What I ask is my voice be heard, I choose that when all comes against me, I will not change my mind and who gave you the right to be a bully.

If I am asked by the father to stand, then stand I will, I will use every bit of strength I have to do so.

I have never in my life taken the easy road, and I have been pressured by the meanest individuals.
But I will not cave because you threaten me, and you don’t have the right too, but the father does and will deal with you.

So I choose Jesus, I choose to believe the truth as I see it and that’s OK. I believe he created heaven and earth, I believe he died and rose again, I believe I am here to fulfil HIS plan for my life and if that threatens you in anyway, then I believe that is something you have to deal with.

Because of what I have lived through, I cannot deny him, I know it to my very core and I feel sad that you don’t have anything other than worldly pieces to hang onto.

When you have him, all value of belongings falls away, and all I want to do is scream at those wasting there life striving for NOTHING but what there physical eye can see….


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