Don, put on the armour of God…

Today was great because when I see myself pray for something, I pray and see my in battle, with the armour of God. I will take no prisoners, I will fight to win.

Reminder who was kept in prison for the murders but found God, what glory… persecution comes when you’ve got it right.

And today it backed up what I saw the other day, me, standing with Don, telling him to put on the garments of war, ready for battle.

I have seen a vision of the future and when I go before those who HE chooses to speak to, through me, change occurs.

Yes the past is dragged up, to make what you stand for today unimportant or of lesser value. But you grow, when you surrender, he changes everything and does it not say, in the word your country stands on.

IN GOD WE TRUST, you use the bible to swear in congress, your swear on YOUR LIFE, he says, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. If you are sworn in , you hold high every word written, its like going against the constitution, what would George Washington say, if he was here today.

Does not everything your trying to shut down, contradict the word of GOD, shows are made, and the leading line is, IT ALL STARTED WITH A BIG BANG. Well Genisis says the first pages, how it started, why are you so intent in trying to rewrite the words of God, when in Revelations it says, a warning of what will happen when you do.

So getting back to the point I am trying to make here, Don was put in office by GOD, Don has lived a life before and does it not say, he will take the fools and confound the wise. Don it seemed, may have been foolish when his spirit was more of the world, but I believe, he has given it now to God, so he is renewed.

Those of you without sin and lies, cast the first stone, NONE OF YOU CAN, CAN YOU?

He knows who is in charge and will stand and do what he instructs, and if you are so against him, then your against God and is he not, the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS.

Jesus you died for Don, you know what is written, you say to remind you, Jesus you took back the keys of hell, you have in your hands all the keys to every kingdom and you can stop this now.

So as I saw this morning, I saw the trumpet blown, a call to arms to surround Don, to not stand behind him, but beside him, together as one with the father, against all evil spoken of those who will burn in hell for eternity..

Yes you may read this and think, boy is this strong, but I felt the need and if Don reads this I hope he knows as long as he is with you, who can stand against you.

And I will stand….


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