Fighting back

Since Christmas, I have been struggling, struggling because it is like someone let out all the air in my tyres.

Which I know is sometimes a side of normality to me, because I have been in so much pain, I couldn’t fight anymore, but I kept thinking of the poem footprints, when you don’t see his set of prints, he is carrying you.

Christmas is hard, because of where my grown children are, one is listening to lies or as I see it puppet strings, the other I cannot even put my thoughts there. But I know the time will come, I know, because I have to believe and I saw someones prophecy and it made me cry, but also gave me hope.

Sometimes it feels like I am out on a limb and the enemy keeps shaking it to see when I will fall off, but I hang on, because I am part of that tree.

I feel sad for Don, not him personally, but the journey he has taken to follow the fathers lead, to trust in what ever way it goes and that is really hard. They keep on here about his words, but there is a way to fight that is not physical and that starts with prayer.

People in the world misconstrue things and there are those out there that will pick up any weapon, even if they are not part of the army, just to fight and let the blame fall on someone else’s head.

I pray for everyone who reads this, because the father has a plan and I trust him for whatever comes….


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