Why am I so scary in believing..

Many times I hear or see people say, oh we went overseas and ended up at the temple or accept others spiritual journeys, enlightenment holidays etc.

And they do not disrespect them in any way, so why??????????????????????

Why as a christian are you trying so hard to shut me down, why is my belief so threatening to you?

What am I doing on my daily basis that affects your life?

Why am I not respected as anyone else in my opinion of my belief?

Now I may have put this same question in many different forms but really, if you do not want to listen then walk away.

But I have the right for my freedom of belief, I have the right as a level headed adult to believe and stand on my morals, values and standards.

I am willing to listen to you, so why are you not of me?

Because of what you may think you know, you are no better than me, you just think differently to me. I believe because I have seen the miracles in my life, the unexplained the miraculous the wonderful and sheer amount of love and peace I have felt even when I have felt I could not take another breath.

Yes my journey has been hard and winding, but its all mine, sometimes it is really hard to stand in the midst of what others believe I should do. Thinking of my children here, when you put up a list of pros and cons, my father wins every time.

In many ways, I see people in power as a joke, that is my personal view, because you go to court and you must hold the bible, but if you don’t believe then it is just a book.

You watch shows and in the courts on the wall it reads, IN GOD WE TRUST. Really, it is like a politician not reading and knowing there constitution, is it not the beginning, of the standard your suppose to uphold as part of your job.

Many times I have seen views so outdated, or single minded, oh the old lady sitting in church could spread the virus, what sort of church are you thinking of, and have you been lately to find out. What does the minister believe, and are they standing on the word, are they engaged in the LIVING word.

Many times I have worked in positions and given flack or thought less of, because I hold tight too, no swearing, no disrespect because of my age size or my gender or position. The fact that I do believe is private and not for the office, but I will also not stand for you putting me or my father down because of it.

All these things sound so scary, don’t they, not really, but the facts are, many around me have seen evidence of things they cannot explain, and these are people who do not believe, so maybe I am barking up the right tree after all.

BOO and be blessed.


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