I give him ALL the glory

My father is so absolutely amazing, because he is helping me and changing me.

Its day 4 and my stomach is sore from the lap band, but I feel so much better.

My fatigue is lessening and that is such a blessing.

I always have to turn over packages and read ingredients but now, more than ever, I have too and I am so amazed the crap (sorry) that is put in.

Having food as a challange, I see many saying mum or dad or other family members have Dimentia.

And something keeps ringing in my head, we surround ourselves with things and build using chemicals.

I believe these leech over time and as we grow they impact on us, I so believe this to have an affect on us, we need to be more aware of things we have or use, why so much now and not then???

Think about it, it makes perfect sense…


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