Have you missed media

I was thinking yesterday, how I have not missed the hype about movies and there so called stars.

I mean, if the Director and all the little gremlins didn’t do there job, you would not make the money you do and really what is the going rate, you should not be paid mega bucks for playing like a child in front of a camera.

I watch and so many seem to want to be rich, but you can never buy class and all seem to not have any or scruples.

And one thing I do not get, about Harry and Megan, she was in a TV series, she was not Nicole Kidman status, but she married a Royal then started strutting and making moves in front of the media, you could see her act or I think many are blind. As a child she wrote a letter, many do and never get deals like her and Harry puts on smiles etc, you see it don’t you, really they want to know what Harry has to tell.

Am I wrong or right…. I had to ask this question because I keep asking the father, but I know its not important to him.


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