Why do people hate the truth

I was watching something this morning and it’s interesting how you know the truth is hidden you just have to wait to see someone have the balls to say it. I am talking about America here, they always seemed to me to act like they were bigger than the boots they wore, Or more just, because they control the finances, really your debt shows something else, and people are not STUPID….

I was thinking about the Don and he said something very prophetic “be careful what you wish for” now these words may not seem much, BUT he knows more than he lets on.

And being prosecuted like Jesus, your on the money, he knows, he has played the media like a violin and only the smart ones know this. I have learned over the years you may have gone to uni, you may have a diploma but you can be uneducated in the important things that matter and this is shown over and over.

Why do people in suits think they have power, that THEY will not be judged for, I was think of past and present, people in or around the Washington capital, this does not include Don unless his pride gets in the way, and remember Don to watch because “pride comes before the fall” you must be humble all the time. Because the father matters here and you know what I am talking about, but good on you so far, it ain’t done yet…

And I still do not get why you would vote in a person, who is not what you need.

I said something once and its true, “the father gives you what you need, not what you want”. You may not see why and you may grumble, but it is true today as the day I said it.

You just gotta trust the experience you going through, he knows more than you so just trust and sometimes it not for you, but others watching you, to see how it comes out. Its good to have your feathers ruffled, birds do it for a reason, to get the bugs out.


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