I was searching and heard him say…

I was told as a young adult my grandmother was part indigenous, I am trying to find out if her words were true or valid.

I found a line and then a blog that I was able to link a missing member who is my great great great great grandfather.

I heard him say, “why don’t you search for me, as hard as you search for them” he had no need to speak loudly but I heard him and I repent, I am saddened by the fact I went quiet.

I need to get back on board, literally, I am on a diet trying to restart my stomach and I feel weak because I get frustrated at how little and tasteless I have in choices to eat.

I need to find the missing link and then I can leave it be…

Trying to unravel lies you find through one linage is not shocking to me but sad, but I must turn and search for him and get back on his path…..


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