Why do we teach our children to lie

When I was young, all I remember is the lies that were told and if it benefited you, then it was OK.

Well at this time of year, especially this time, why do we teach them to lie.

By lying to them from day dot, I had to go out today too, not only pay the rent but get food and I said to the girl, why do we celebrate anyway, because its his birthday.

Before, when our babies were just babies, we taught them this way, being a christian now, I seriously have trouble watching anything that is not of him and do the wrong thing. It is simple, I just can’t, I remember his sword, to be a good steward all the time and instead of being angry, I bless many many people and laugh. Especially those drivers making there own rules.

We tell them the tooth fairy and Halloween, etc etc and sorry but, its not on anymore. I always say to those around me, if you don’t like what I have said, that is OK. But the truth must be spoken, whether you like it or not.

And who thinks, it is OK that you trust a big hairy, old man…come on. And then not to trust or speak to a stranger, what the heck. I use to tell my children, when I lived in the world, that Santa was at the supermarket, I am not big fat and jolly for nothing.

Why do we keep scew wiffing the truth to suit us, what is there to be afraid of, isn’t the truth suppose to set us free.

Well isn’t it, so I say this wonderful time of year, be blessed, be safe and share the love and laughter… don’t get so hung up on what is not so important.


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