Why are you grumbling

I was thinking of leaving this page and then I got a very strong message for someone.

Why are you grumbling, you say you have surrendered, but you have not.

I have shown you miracles, you have seen evidence of me, but still you grumble.

I have been patient, I have waited for you and still you grumble.

Remember you and I have a contract, but you see things of the world as more important than me.

Your value is in your material things and money, but still I gave you grace.

And still you grumble, you want more and more, but more will never be enough to you.

You will never be satisfied with what ever I do or don’t do, GROW UP, I can give and take away.

As any parent, you only get so far before correction comes….

If the father speaks and you don’t listen, then only he can help you in the end.. oy this would scare me.


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