The atmosphere, I feel it coming

I cannot explain it other than, I feel in the atmosphere something coming.

I am so excited, the father is about to do something huge, I do not know what it is, but I trust all of it.

A while ago I did another painting and it is titled, a change is coming. Yesterday that stuck in my mind again, a change IS coming and we need to get excited.

I believe it even when I don’t see it, but it is coming, IT IS because my dad says so.

What joy we have in the knowing of having him as our father, who breathed life into us, gave us life, gave us a destiny and plan. How absolutely amazing, I think sometimes we take this very thing for granted.

But I appreciate even being corrected, I appreciate it because I have come through so many hard times. And with that you learn, you grow, you mature and you appreciate the good.

And the father is just this ALL GOOD….


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