I feel the awesome power coming

Most of the time, I am quiet with what I get from the Lord God.

I read his word over and over and I keep reminding him, what he has said over my life.

I have felt his power coming, this is stronger and stronger. The reason I don’t say a lot is because I believe each person has their own journey, how far they get is up to them. But boy, my father is more and more pleased with what is going on.

He is very very wise in the fact like I have always believed, let the enemy show his face, before you fire. And I know from experience and that old saying, give him enough rope and he will hang himself.

The enemy got cocky and bold, but no one is more powerful and awesome than my dad. The one who I gave myself too, when I signed the contract before I even existed.

I know I am in such a place, of excitement and confidence that he who has begun a good work, will finish it. This was words given to me by two very special women I know, from him.

I am so fired up, it gets hard to contain, for I want to jump and shout for joy, but I know I must control and be wise, for time will come shortly and as I always say, flip the switch, well my father will flip my switch.

He just reminded me of something I said, years ago. Oprah Winfrey is considered a billionaire and I said, I don’t know how, but I will have that money.

Now you have to understand, I do not understand it, but I trust it. And my father knows I am in a place where it means nothing, but I would be happy to let it sit and do as instructed and being a good steward has been my training.

And as I have always believed, just because you have it, doesn’t mean you have to spend it…


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