Joy of the Lord

I have not let go of the trust that the Lord will overturn the American election outcome.

Don is not going anywhere, I have always seen the world at the moment as when Moses went up into the mountain, and the sinners built an idol and did all sorts of things.

But, when the father spoke and the sword was spoken, those lead by the enemy, were squashed. And the world I see as back then, and he is about to have his way.

He gave me a chance to turn from my sinning ways, I took it and had to hang on for dear life at times, but nothing can change the love I have, this is not a challenge, just a fact.

The joy of the Lord is in me, healing will soon be mine, for I will not go down without a fight and boy am I fighting right now. I feel a roar of the Lion of Judah in me, and if I have to roar, then I will.

I have come to such a place of not only faith, but trust, I completely trust him. I know each step, is training for my future to do what he needs me to do.

I trust in the visions I have been shown, I trust in the process, I trust my father all the way.


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