How did we get to 0

Here in Victoria we had many cases in a day, I was praying and standing and for a time I liked it.

I liked spending undisturbed time with him.

I liked the quiet, I liked the atmoshphere.

When I had enough, 0 happened.

I am not saying anything but that, I find if I ask it happens.

Yes we all did our bit, some didn’t but that is OK, for the lesson was learned.

But the people of Victoria got it under control, by stepping up. Watching what they did and making the sacrifices to stop the spread.

So well done to all and if anyone can learn anything is, for other countries, is to wash your hands, wear a mask.

Disinfect what you buy, wipe surfaces and be sensible, it is really that simple. But when you trust the father, there is no FEAR.

For fear belongs to the enemy, and if you trust him, you will not loose. But you will gain, gaining is a state of mind, think about it.


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