How beautiful is he

Seeing the beauty in each day.

Over the last couple of days, even though here in Australia it can be so, so hot in Summer.

We have rugged up, and I loved it, because I had to take time out, I pulled some muscles but I see each thing as a blessing. And being cold, allowed me to stay put and talk with him.

Today the sun is out and it is suppose to be 25 degrees, which is really just right. I like it between 25-28 is perfect, and perfection is him.

I take the day and smile, for what is to come, what is to be heard tonight will become another instrumental step in my journey, I never take a message for granted.

When I am meant to listen, I listen to all that I hear not just on earth.

I believe in the miraculous, I believe in the history that is written, before it happens. I believe in the beauty that surrounds me, for it all connects to him.

I know sometimes, it is hard for many to understand what I say, but when you live in his presence, how can you explain it. How do you describe his love, how do you explain the joy he gives you.

How can you say words, that do not even exist yet. Sometimes I feel like English is my second language, this I really cannot explain, but I love the connection I have to him, I love and appreciate and give him all the glory.

He is my all and I am all his…


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