How gracious is he,thinking of me

Many times I thank the father, for putting those who really care, in front of me.

I am on a path, I don’t know if I can explain the feeling, but here goes.

I feel a pull, a pull that since I really surrendered all, is more real than I can explain.

A physical pull of my spirit, a pull of my fullness and completeness.

Time and time again, I see the blessings on my life and the love he has for me. My walk with him is just that, my walk, my journey, and when I love, I am all in.

I am not saying I do not love my son or daughter, but this is different, it encompasses all of you, more than being a mother.

My father has been gracious, but I feel him, strong, sturdy and with love and passion for my plan to be completed.

I feel I know that emotion is something that on earth, rules many things, but does not help you to move towards your destiny. I have seen it rule certain parts of my life, and when you overcome its control, you move into a certain maturity.

I am in a place where if he chooses certain things, I am OK with it, because he created me. He knows my plan, he sees it and instructs, so why put up a road block of emotion.

I have always been able to separate things and break them down, its like being in a group and everyone yaps but no one says, wait a minute or stops to think of the bigger picture.

I see my father, who has my bigger picture, why waist time and energy in the wrong direction. If you say something then, get it done, lock in and hold on. That is how I see my journey, once I lock in, I know things like my son and daughter would be used to try and steer me off course.

But I CHOSE him, I chose, because I know, nothing the enemy can dangle in my face can hold any want in me.

Money, fancy cloths, big mansions or jewels mean nothing to me, but he, the father, means everything. In simple terms I take a peak back, for the tears and pain of all that has come before, do not rate anymore. But the training to be bold and strong for the one, who truly loves me.

Again, I am all in…


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