I am now standing strong

Recently I was told, I am hard about the stand I am making towards not only my daughter but my son.

I said, I love you, but I AM DONE.

You see every time something great is about to happen, the enemy tries to get me off course.

But I have chosen and I DO NOT GO BACK, I am a mother and I mothered them when they were children.

As adults, what they do is their choice I cannot keep going over and over the past, to try and make me feel less of a person and get me to live a miserable life, which I believe is what they want.

All my life others have used there excuses to control me, I wouldn’t say boo, I was told, you always wanted to be the centre of attention, why on God’s green earth would I.

These ridiculous words no longer control me, as I said, you are not my children, you are my son and daughter.

But I will not allow you to hurt me or scare me, I am the daughter of the King.

I will not associate in the world they live in, for it will muddy my walk and I will not allow it.

Reading this you may think, boy she is hard. No I am not, but I have a tenacity and strength in me.

Something that has been built over time, from every arrow that has been shot in my direction. From every breath that has winded me and from every hurt.

What the enemy has tried to stop me, has built a woman of God. A woman that will stand and shout his praises. A woman who knows, that she will be able to do what Jesus did, because she believes every word.

A time is to come, when the world will take notice, and what I have to do is ready myself, get prepared and do what I have to do, in his time and season…


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