What do you think Surrender all means

When I came to a point of giving my life over, I gave it all.

I have no wish to live in a mansion, or have a heap of wealth, what I did say lately to the Lord.

Father I know many win the lotto, so why can’t I, I have no wish to buy a Bentley or Mercedes and really they are all just cars, so I am not impressed by any brand at all.

I see people have homes and family or possessions and I ask this over and over, when they do not like anything touched.

When it says surrender all, that means, if he asks you to walk from your family. I will not be given an ultermatum, it me or him. In me I know the answer, I have no other way to go, but him, so it is the family choice to not respect my beliefs, there loss not mine.

You see when I do something and choose, then I am all in. I am not impressed by wealth or fancy houses or jewels, because I know that nothing compares, not one dam thing.

So if you say you surrender all, then do it. Not so much as long as it doesn’t touch my family or finances or possessions etc.

It is like someone said to me and then through a word at me, your his child and you have to answer to why you did not look after your children.

I find many get confused and have to have the grey area to believe their own dribble, coming out of there mouths.

Let me make this clear, I am not his child, but I AM HIS DAUGHTER. If your a child you need milk and a dummy, unless you choose to mature. Then it is you, that has to face him on judgement day, and when he says, turn from me, for I do not know you and you state but Lord, I cast out demons in your name.

Baa humbug, it will not count, I have to get every meaning, and accept it.

Like I said, if they fall down dead, those who have tried to stop the plan, I have no concern, no remorse and no care, I trust his work, regardless of what I see to come.

Ain’t that the real truth here…stand up and stop excusing bad behavior


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