I saw the positive on Monday

I was praying and still believing that the truth will show in America, we all see it.

They are blinded by the thought of themselves being more powerful than anyone else. But that is their weakness.

Pressuring trying to control the votes, what is happening here is the enemy is trying to destroy a country.

But who has the real power, JESUS, THE LORD OF LORD, the alpha the omega, the beginning and the end.

As I said, this fat lady ain’t going to sing for what they think might be done, for the Lord is the one who is in power and when I was praying.

And I pray HARD and with force, I saw all those who have tried to come against Donald Trump, fall down dead. For they are the living dead, think about it, they have no honour, no respect, no accountability, and a destiny of spending eternity in hell.

I saw him (Don) stand in the middle in the glorious light of the Lord. Glory Glory Glory

The world sees Don as foolish, but when you know and trust who is in charge, he will take you and confound them in every direction.

Then they use what has been done in the past, well the past is just that P A S T.

I am feeling right now, they are trying to throw mud and see if it sticks, well what I see is mud like a boomerang and flying back and hitting them in the face.

Don, hope it is OK I call you that, when you are knocked down and hit from every direction, even sometimes your family is used to try and pull you away from Jesus plan.

But your glory is sticking, I see you as he sees you and regardless of anything else for that, I know you have chosen to finish the plan over your life and for that, I thank you.


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