Acting for change

In my life I put on a brave face, only a few will really know things I want them to know.

And that is OK, but I need to scream. I get hurt and I shut up, but I think what would my father do.

What would Jesus want me to do here, he knows me, I have allowed him full disclosure.

He knows what I am dealing with and only he will know, because he has to do it.

I cannot force someone to change, I cannot share tears that words have made me shed.

I will put a smile on my face and act like its fine for peace. Because, regardless of the attacks, he has showed me that what is said, is because they see themselves in me.

The old me, and seeing me sharpens their sword. So it is OK, because I believe in his work.

I trust him to be my protection, so as I come out of this sadness, I will be shown his glory for his plan is for me, not against me.
Ain’t that the truth…


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