corona what now, butt virus

I was about to leave and saw that someone in Italy had viewed my post. Thank you

And seeing the news about this virus, I was speaking to the father in prayer a while ago (could have been mths if not a year or so).

The world gets on a plane and travel everywhere like its nothing, but they have got to a point of taking it for granted.

We spread bugs like the flu or a cold because of this, as I was speaking I said people need to wake up and know what they are doing.

We need to be aware that the enemy can use something so simple and scare people.

Now you do need to be sensible, BUT speak against it.

I got prayed for again and I saw this thing take a look at me and flea in the spirit. So take a stand use the word, which is alive and tell the father you are aware of what the enemy is trying and stand up.

Demand his protection and safety, take no prisoners in the spirit. Trust me, it works….


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