When you call only then..

Think of yourself as a parent, you want the best for your children, but have to let them fall and let things happen to make them stronger.

The father is the same, he is there watching you all the time, but he cannot do anything, UNTIL YOU DO.

When disaster faces people they call out to God, not an idol. And when those who know what to do, do it. He saves not only them but others too.

I never understood how people could worship a fat bald statue, I never seem to hear of any evidence of what miracles had been done.

But when God is called on, miracles abound. I thank him all the time, he gives to me like a pleased dad. The spirits which are part of him are waiting for me, all the time.

And by that, I am so touched, to know that they love me.

Jesus or Yeshua, came to this earth as a man, to show the people what to believe. He had to take on all the ugly and bad, to show his faith and love for his father.

He made that sacrifice for us, so as he now sits in heaven as our barrister as required. His father gave him the kingdom, he knew what had to come and took it willingly.

For the love and honour and respect for what was to come, to come in us. Trust me, when I say he is the only one, its the truth.

I would not be here, I am a living testimony of that and no other so called god has done the same. Take a little step and see what he will do, yes your faith is good, but once you lock into him, oh how far you can go by his love.

Thinking back to when I was little, I never knew why people could not see. They were blinded by the world and there hearts closed down, but I knew that something greater than me, could give them everything and beyond more than what they could see.

If a child can do that and still hold that as an adult, then their is HOPE.


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