Are you inspired to be able

Now don’t try and finish this, but are you inspired.

Inspired how you ask, inspired to be able to do what he needs in the right time and season.

You see, every time I am used for admin by the Pastor and when I worked in that arena, I always said, it was not for me, but to be trained to be used for him.

That is the difference, I am working for the man or getting ready to be used for him.

My life is no longer mine, his word is the truth, nothing in this world can match it, so why even try.

I know my harvest is coming and that is the harvest he and I agreed on, before I agreed to come to this earth.

I have no need to hold him back, I gave up fighting, he is my protection and safety, he is my alpha and omega.

So just be.. it really is that simple.


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