Where is the love?

Yesterday I was chatting to someone, again where has the magnitude of what Jesus went through and what our father did for us, dwindle.

We need to get it back, we need to continually humble ourselves, so we are in the right place.

I said these words, nothing compares to the love I have for him.

I love both my children, but they have to respect me. They need to be informed before they get all high and mighty. Within the people I grew up with, their point of view had to be your point of view and if you didn’t you became their enemy.

This is a very confused way to live, I realised that what went on around me, was not normal at all. But if I did not see what needed to change, then I would keep it going and I made a decision long ago. I will break this thing over the family, and those words are so true.

My son had seen a transformation in me, but last I saw him. He was very inverted and couldn’t see the leaves for the trees. I know, he has to get it in his own time, I can still love someone even if I don’t agree.

I accept that many might view my blog and not get what I am saying, that’s OK. Others may get angry, because they don’t know.

For many years, I saw myself as stuck, I felt there was so much more. I could not understand why I could not move forward, I felt like I had to sit and just do.

But now I know, when I pray, he shows me, if you think God or Jesus or even the word is just a book. Your so under estimating the magnitude of what is available, if you seek the kingdom of God.

I know I must remember I don’t know it all, but I also know I can have judgement here today, not when I go. And by the way, I am not going to die, once I get the 3rd strand of DNA. I am here for good, I always felt that if Jesus can do it and I can be a son like him, then I don’t or won’t die.

So many times the old way of doing things gets in the way, when you have seen the sea of glass, the tree of life and the waterfall coming from the throne.

Nothing compares, and no I am not off my rocker. I am soaring, I am experiencing him more and more.




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