I am seeking him for healing

I have had the most debilitating pain, I have a bulging disc, degeneration etc etc.

The more I seek him, the more the enemy tries to stop me.

Well guess what, I will not be stopped.

I am making this statement as final.

Father I come before you, I put my petition before you. I agree with what the accuser has against me (as it says to agree quickly). I am yours working towards being a son in the house, as stated.

I will not stop, I know this has tried to come on me, and used to stop me from moving towards you. The tenacity inside will not, allow me to cease from coming through the narrow way. This will only make me stronger and more determined. I am a tither, I ask for the release of the pain, now in the name of your son Jesus.

I am confessing father, right now as I know your the only one to be able to release this from me. I thank you and bow before you out of respect to you and I stand and await the verdict. Amen


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