It’s always best…

I believe it is always best to remember when you were humble, to remember as often as you can what he has done for you.

Sometimes, when things are going well, we go off getting all proud and full of ourselves. Then we wonder why, we fall so far.

It seems so obvious to me, remember who is in charge. Remember just how small you are in the scheme of things.

And always know your place, we forget that each of us have to get it in our own time.

Sometimes the Aussie ocker in me comes out, it makes me laugh, because it also reminds me of how far I have come.

And sometimes, just being able to be me, is treasured. I am not saying I behave a certain way, then another.

What I am saying is, to me, its OK to be funny sometimes. I remember when I was young feeling like the breath was being squished out of me, because I didn’t have a voice.

Well I am me, my dad is changing me to what he wants, in time and that’s OK.

And I love to make people laugh, even when I hear myself, I laugh right along with them.


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