Hard times can show you what your made of…

I am sharing this encase someone is reading this and needs to draw on the strength in me.

Yesterday I received some news that would rock anyone else. Or cause great distress, but I remembered to remove emotion because the enemy would love to see me cave, but I am of strong stock my DNA is fixed.

I clenched my fists and and screamed at the enemy, I will not be moved and I am not going anywhere.

Yes, I let a small tear out, but refused to fall, having a child that chooses to take the wrong road has been heart wrenching as a mum. I had to take a call that was set at 4 mins, so I said, the enemy is trying to take you out, he is trying to destroy your life, you are extremely selfish having 3 daughters you don’t seem to care, that what you choose to do, will have an effect on there lives. Your decisions can affect there future, so either wake up or do you know what happens when you burn in hell for eternity and what its like.

I had nothing to loose but everything to win, why do I say that, because as I see it, if their life ends, I want to see them in heaven. But I need to be strong in the fact, that I cannot waste any time encase I miss the opportunity to do so.

But I know who I am, I know who my father is and regardless of what happens ,I know in him I have strength.

Last time in my home I was praying and weeping and they saw me, I said, do you want to give your heart to the Lord, thankfully that part was achieved, which the Lord reminded me of when I lay in bed.

Last night church was from my home, I requested his presence to be felt. So last night as I worshipped and opened my heart to him, I felt him stand before me and say, With you I am well pleased.

Really, what a gift to be given in my time of need.

We can do all we can as a parent, but then we have to do what I believe that father would do, wait until they are broken and call to him. Then he can build more than we ever could.

I have said it before, I trust him with my life and theirs….



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