Tell the people…

Today has been an impossible day to concentrate on anything, but him.

About 3 or 4 years ago, I kept saying to those around me, we are running out of time. The last days are coming, now is the time to buckle down, not run.

Today, he reminded me of this and said, the time is here, we are in the end days…

Then about 1 and half years ago, I said to someone, the winds are going to blow all the rubbish away and the world are going to take notice, for we will no longer be considered the foolish.

He said today, tell the people, now I had to confirm how he wanted it done, but his way is the way he wants.

For the time is now, get into his presence, put everything in you can, be like a dooms day prepper and use your time wisely..

I have done what was asked of me and I have to listen too, this is for me as much as its for you.


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